Thursday, August 26, 2010


I love Autumn, don't get me wrong, I'm not wishing summer away yet but Autumn definitely has her perks. I love hearing the crunch of crispy auburn leaves underfoot, the return of the trusty opaques and boots, my poor booted friends who were relegated to the bottom of the wardrobe during a sizzling French summer. Oh how I have missed you boots! In fact the only thing I dislike about Autumn is that it leads to Winter :( Here are a few of my favourite Autumn related finds on Etsy.
               Sentimental Jounrney by Irene Suchocki.
               Acorn Pendant and Pocket Watch necklace by Japonica

                       Vintage owl needlepoint by Sea Glass Vintage
                 A Deer Wearing Gym Socks by Charmaine Olivia
                    Dancin' Shoes by Dandelion Daydreamer Vintage


  1. I agree. I've been advising my readers that Winter can wait-



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