Friday, August 27, 2010


For those of you who are shiny and new to this blog, I am an Irish girl living in a forest ran by squirrels, beside the beach in the South of France. Apart from keeping the french boulangeries in business, I run Dandelion Daydreamer Vintage by day and paint by night! As amazing as French cuisine, boulangeries and patisseries are, sometimes all I crave is a good ole cup of Irish or Englsih tea! This post is a little collection of artists and designers inspired by a world-wide love of tea!
Pretty fine bone china bangles by Stay Gold Mary Rose.
 What better way to jazz up a tired cardigan! These sweet buttons are hand-crafted in Ireland by I Heart Crafts.
 I Love Cutie Pie. Be warned you will not leave this gorgeous English girl's shop empty handed! I have too many favourites to mention in this Alice in Wonderland heaven!
A tea cup collection to put mine to shame! Image by Penelope Waits via the Daydream Lily blog.
An all time favourite illustrator of mine, Catherine Campbell. Her Australian based shop is truely enchanting, let her fairytale prints whisk you off for a  magical moment in a busy day :)


  1. What a gorgeous post - and of course thanks so much for including my buttons! G

  2. That teacup collection is AWESOME!!!!! Also I bought a very similar teapot necklace from someone I've forgotten on Etsy ....I even bought a matching teacup necklace so it wouldn't be lonely! :)

  3. I can see how you miss tea in Ireland, it ain't the same in France, I had such a job trying to get a nice cup of tea in France, they looked at me funny when I asked for milk too :(

    All things nice...



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