Wednesday, January 20, 2010

From Paris With Love

I've got a Paris kinda feeling coming on! I want to go sit outside at a quaint street cafe as the svelte and stylish go about their day. I'll watch them whiz by on their bicycles with baskets piled high, flowers for the table, baguettes for the dejeuner. I'll sip chocolait chauds and nibble pastel coloured macaroons by the Louve before I indulge in hours of worshipping inside. Coco Chanel will exude elegance and lure me inside onto her plush carpet step by step. No vintage fold will be left unturned as I wander through winding cobbled streets picking out la Paris's antique treasure troves as I go. I'll smile when I'm addressed as "madmoiselle"....madam is when you know you're getting old ;) Real life Amelies will pass me by all day, toting their wicker baskets en route to the food market, daintily perched on the back of their boyfriend's moped, kissing aquaintances on the street, une, deux..bonjour cherie! Uh oh! Too much people watching, I'm late to meet the boyfriend. We'll picnic in the park and tear crunchy baguettes open with our hands, pigeons will coyly gather round and serenade us with theirs cooing as they pinch the tumbling crumbs.  Jambon, fromage, vin rouge, a ribboned box of petite strawberry tartlets, view of the Eifel Tower, together we have it all...


Images from FFFFound, street style images by The satorialist.


  1. all this talk of patisserie has made me hungry...

  2. I love the last image of the couple in front of the Eiffel Tower...TRES ROMANTIC!!

  3. I'm packing my bags now and will be there to join you soon! :)

    Welcome back and happy new year!

    Been meaning to tell you that your lovely package arrived with your amazing creations inside! So beautiful - both of them! Gaia is in love with hers, and we will frame and hang upon the walls as soon as we relocate (once the house sells). Thank you for my sweet surprise! You are a very talented lady, and I'm so fortunate to now be the owner of TWO of your works! Merci beaucoup!

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