Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Giveaway is Back! Cafe Baudelaire Brings Us all Things Romantic from Forgotten France...

Oh la la... J'adore Cafe Baudelaire! I have long been a fanatical bookmarker of Wendy Patterson's work and now all my lucky stars have shot together and brought her to me for an artist interview. Inspired by la France, Wendy choses the upmost intricate of lace patterns, the taunt elegance of ballgowns and corsets, the most delicate depictions of tea-cups and fine french china, the regal rainbow of a proud peacock.  She takes these sensitively studied sketches and motifs and tenderly juxtaposes them together and volia! we are swept back in time, long long ago to when Mary Antoinette ran a fine ebony comb through her hair, prim and proper in silk gowns with covered buttons from the nape of her her neck to her derriere, silk gloves on her dainty hands,  jewels weighing down her fingers as she sipped tea and nibbled fine patisseries. And that's what I conjuer up from gazing at just one print! Wendy has kindly offered one lucky reader a petite print of their choice :) What takes your fancy, I'm torn between this adorable owl and the Love who You Are deer, they are simply divine. Jot down a comment with your favourite print and you never know, you might just get what you wish for! You can visit her enchanting shop here. Competition runs until next Tuesday, bon chance mes cheries x

Where do you work from Wendy? 
I work from home (Sydeny, Australia), I have a little studio in our terrace house which is bursting at the seams! 

Where do you take your inspiration from? Your work has a nostalgic french ambiance about it, have you been to France or is it a long distance love affair? 
My inspiration comes from so many sources, books, paintings, furnishings, antique and vintage ephemera. A beautiful font on a vintage button card can inspire a whole new range of designs.
I was born in England but I have not be fortunate enough to visit France. I love Europe, France in particular, the culture, the countryside, the architecture, history and of course the pastries and coffee!
It is my dream to oneday go and live in France for a while.

What are you wearing? 
I am wearing summer clothes, cotton skirt and top, very feminine, I am not a jeans and t shirt person! 

What are your favourite etsy shops? 
My favourite etsy shops, so many to choose from. I love these

What is your favourite thing about being a creative person? And the worst? if there is one! 
I love the freedom of working from home, I do not like routine very much. Being creative is wonderful, not just with work but in all areas of my life.
Our home eflects the ecclectic mix of creativity we all share.
My children have both just completed their studies in graphic design so we have a lot to share as a family.
Tabitha, my daughter has her own etsy shop and my son is my IT help, which I need quite often!
I think the worst part about being creative is you have to earn a living and that sometimes involves work that is not so much fun !

How do you spend your weekends? 
Weekends are not always my own when I have a lot of work commitments but my husband and I love to go the local Farmers markets in Sydney, or visit flea markets, book shops and antique centres.
We also love to find a good French pastry shop for something delicious to eat and a bowl of good coffee. 

Please describe your typical working day? 
As I mentioned routine is not for me, but my day does seem to fall into some sort of regular pattern.
I have ME, a neurologial disease, of which the symptoms are often worst in the mornings, so I am a slow starter.
Emails are checked for sales and messages as I eat breakfast.
I usually venture to the Post Office later in the morning with parcels. It is only a 10 minute walk but the nerve damage in my legs makes walking a painful excercise.
My day then involves working on orders, and answering queries, I usually like to get down to some new design work in the afternoons and evenings.
I am often found working late into the night until exhaustion sends me off to bed!



  1. Oh. Wow.

    Thank you for bringing this lovelness to my attention! What a GORGEOUS shop!

    Being in Australia & having red as my absoloute, hands down favourite colour, I can not go past this sweet work; http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=38833128


    **fingers crossed!**

  2. oh my gosh, i absolutely adore this one: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=38539657

    they're all gorgeous though *sigh*

  3. How wonderful! Completely in love with the shop but most especially this: Strawberries and Cream Bird in a Teacup(http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=35057886)

  4. These are really gorgeous prints! Love the technique and style.

    Love little cute birds, and tea, and cream.... well, this is my fav print: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=35057886


  5. Thank you so much for the lovely interview:)

  6. The Chateau Versailles is my favorite print.


    I have had the pleasure of visiting Versailles and I think that this image captures the romance a beauty of the palace perfectly.

  7. o my golly gosh! I just love this artist! I want to be a girl in her picture, half strolling, have floating through the mystical paris-scape. I want to do the tea dance and some secret shopping...

  8. I found the Etsy shop first and followed the link here. I was looking for antique birdcages. I was blown away by what I found at Cafe Baudelaire. The delicate details and the color palette speak very deeply to the little princess who lives in my heart. I'm torn between the owl and the tea party and the rose. I love the colors and subject of the owl, the same with the rose, but something about the tea party really calls me in.

  9. I've been a big fan of Wendy's work for the past year and have been meaning to buy one of her prints for my daughters room and just never got around to doing it:) I LOVE so many that it was very hard to narrow it down!! I must say that {A chaque oiseau son nid est beau} and {botanique rose} and {french manniquin..le marche} speak the most to my heart! I just love small birds adorned with stately crowns and love the mannequin with the bird cage gown!! So beautiful...all of it!! The amount of feminism that I find in these pieces of art leave me feeling happy and ready to visit Paris!!


  10. I looked through all 7 pages twice! Narrowing it down to one is near impossible:) But I, too, love the Chateau Versailles -- there is such a depth of perception. I want to keep peering in to see the other shops behind the couple...

  11. J'adore! :)

  12. Thank you everybody for all your lovely comments! I wish I could have entered too :) The lucky winner is Dominique, could you please mail me your address and print of choice to sorcha.gillett(at)gmail(dot)com
    To everybody else, maybe the next Tuesday Giveaway will be your lucky day :)

  13. An interesting interview- its always good to hear successful people talking about their work and how they organise (or don't) themselves. And also how they deal with problems, like ME- that's no joke.
    But honestly your pictures are only GORGEOUS! Droolable, in fact!



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