Thursday, October 1, 2009

Heart Full of Wine...

It's funny how sometimes your days develop a colour theme. The Boyfriend woke me up with a yummy raspberry smoothie, when I biked down to La Centre Ville for a boulangerie breakfast I passed by all the irresistible flower shops with raspberry and burgundy peonies trying to lure me. They won, 30 minutes later my little basket is bursting with petals and pastries and I am a happy girl. I can't share my raspberry and strawberry tarts with you but maybe you'll enjoy today's tasty selection of treats just as much... bon apetit!

Irish photographer Johnny McMillan's photography celebrates the natural beauty of women. He takes simple photographs, bursting with light and ease and always allows the subjects persona to shine through. Perfect poses, Contemporary composition and Irish Fashion... whats not to like.

Is it too soon to be shopping for Christmas party dresses? Okay okay I know the answer, but I'm bookmarking favourites in Sarah Seven's  Etsy shop regardless!

Inspired by french boudoir babes, Marla is a large mixed media textile piece. Her dewy skin is painted in soft acrylic tones of porcelin and peach and her delicate features have been hand stitched in embroidery threads. Her hair is appliqued in midnight black leather, Her french knickers have been hand stitched from antique coral lace and all the folds in her silk scarf have been hand stitched into place. See more Sorcha Gillett originals on my website.

Get ready to strut like a peacock in Anja Jane's stunning screen-printed silk scarves. Her silk lovelies are available to buy online here.

Daydream those lazy afternoons away on probably the prettiest sofa in the whole world. As well as an alladin's cave of wonders of a store, Squint also offer a bespoke service where you can mix 'n' match their English Damasks and contemporary fabrics to your hearts content.

Pick your own WWII era style prints from Cut and Paste's Etsy shop. They come in a wide variety of contemporary colours so there is a shade to suit every home.

Local boulangerie gets me every time! Fancy a little nibble?


  1. What an amazing sofa, and how lovely it would look in a plain white room!

  2. Oh, I love these rosy colors. A smoothie and a bike ride sounds like the perfect way to start a day, you lucky girl!

  3. that €8.30 for one of those little tarts?

  4. No Joanne, Unfortunately for me it is only €2.30 per tart.. dangerous ;)

  5. Ahh...yes that does sound dangerous :-)

    Love your blog btw!

  6. Thank you, it's still only new but getting to be loads of fun!

  7. ha ha, only just saw this post now randomly...

    I styled that shoot with Johnny, yay!! x

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  9. Purple is a very elegant color, but a purple dress is just a cliche, I prefer blue instead because women tends to ignore this nice color due cultural issues.



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