Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"I'd rather have flowers on my table than diamonds on my neck" ~ Emma Goldman

I am definitely more flower power than bling bling. My apartment is a secret garden of vintage prints, quirky floral illustrations and my potted pets. I had no choice but to open an online vintage shop because I simply had one vintage floral print dress too many! As The Boyfriend said "Its me or the dresses." Below are some favourite illustrators and designers, who too, love our flower friends :)

Wow! Wish I could use this as my banner for Dandelion Daydreamer! The good news is that we can all buy prints of these lovelies in Dikabear's Etsy shop. This Blog/shopping spree is starting to get very expensive!

So what you're saying is if we buy Mandizzle's flower clip we will look like her...now where did I put that credit card ;)

 Australian illustrator Lilly Piri conjures up a magical wonderland of nostalgia and romantism with her pastel pencils and cloudy oil paints.

Midnight Wish... A Screen Printed Silk Dress with Plush velvet Waistband from my collection, currently in my Wonderwardrobe Etsy shop... perfect for a winter wedding.

It's even more fun supporting Irish designers when you love their work. Helen James's new headpieces are to die for. I will let you know when her Etsy shop opens its doors for us to rush in :)

Clodagh was pulled from my imagination via a whirlwind of stitch, applique and brush strokes. To see some of her stitched sisters visit my website www.sorchagillett.com.

If I can't have diamonds on my neck can I pretty please have this daisy chain. Note to the boyfriend I'm happy to get engaged over a necklace ;) I have lusted after this piece by talented designer Jill Graham for over 3 years now. My job interview went delightfully well today...maybe I am one step closer to giving it a happy home :)

I'm racking my brains to think of whose birthday is coming up so I can buy these beautiful greeting cards by English textile designer Brie Harrison.


  1. Your blog is totally gorgeous! Thank you so much for including me! :)


  2. hey thanks for the mention , lovely blog x helen james

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