Wednesday, December 1, 2010


On the train journey up to Paris I read a contemporary art magazine with an article that contained the famous quote "Paris was Yesterday". This becomes apparent as soon as you emerge from the bustling train station. Decadently grand architecture towers over you while cozy ambient shop fronts and cafes soothe you at ground level. There is an ever prevalent sense of tradition and history in Paris, wandering around the cobbled streets is not unlike being in an outdoor museum. To me, Paris is an old soul with a young beating heart. I am often breezing through on work trips shopping for my vintage store, this time however I limited my shopping days to 3 and the other 2 to my friend (generous of me I know!) I kept a note of my favourite eateries and districts to share with you so here goes!

 When it comes to recommendations in Paris I have 2 wonderful words for you...The Marais! This area is my favourite little slice of Paris. Nestled in the heart of Paris, the Marais makes you feel as if you are wandering through a large town rather than the industrial capital of France. Ancient winding streets guide you past aromatic patisseries which will lighten your pockets but tighten your pants! You will step into antique shops which will break your heart to leave, that is the danger of le Rue St. will not come away empty handed!
 Locals will subtly scan you and your attire as they perch on their pews in street-side cafes and bustling brasseries. Feel free to scan them right back, we have a lot to learn from the Parisians and their seemingly effortless style. Les Temps des Cerises is a very typical Parisian restaurant, which we enjoyed on a particularly wet afternoon, as we snuggled up inside there watching the world scurry by. Eat like the French and take advantage of lunch menu specials where you can eat like a king and enjoy 3 courses for under €15.
 If you tire of French cuisine Ran Cham, situated at the bottom of St.Paul, serves very authentic Thai cuisine that I am still dreaming about now. Make sure to try the banana and chocolate! I ate the most amazing Italian meal in Presto Fresco on Rue Montmarte (Sentier metro stop). My friend and I begrudgingly shared the creamiest buffallo mozarella starter we had ever tasted and this Italian dinery is now right up there on our list of Parisian favourites. If like me, a great vintage find sets your pulse racing, then you will love discovering all the vintage stores the Marais has to offer. Kiliwatch  (Sentier metro again) was a personal favourite as they had a very discerning eye when sourcing their stock.
 If you can afford to, you should try to rest your weary legs (the Louvre is no joke!) at the Caron de Beaumarchais hotel in the Marais. The pic below will tell you all you need to know! I could go on about my little love affair with Paris forever but I'll let my photos articulate my Parisian experience better than I ever could :)


  1. Your photos capture the essence of Paris! What a fab city.....first on the cards for a spring city break I think :)

  2. Oh what wonderful photos, you really captured the impressions Paris made on me when I was there last year! I really love this city's special flair! I've never been to Marais so I will save this post in my bookmarks for my next Paris trip (which will hopefully be next year).
    Wish I could taste these banana and chocolate fritters right now, hhmmm :)

  3. These photos are absolutely fantastic. It makes me miss Paris. ♥

  4. WOw!!! Love the photos! In Israel now is hard time and you made my mood better :)
    I want to visit Paris and now more !!!
    visit my blog too :)

  5. I love these pictures!

  6. wash your box hippy and i shall see you soon my dear

    Johnny Bigtime

  7. Great photos, love them & want to visit Paris soooon. xx

  8. such lovely photographs! I love them all! I've always wanted to visit paris! ♥



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