Friday, December 10, 2010


Some of you may remember seeing a few images of Louise Dungate's cosy knitwear that I posted a while back. Inspired by the baltic temperature frosting our city streets, I thought I'd share a little interview with the lady behind the needles :) One lucky reader will win a special 10% discount code to use on any goodies in her shop, simply pop us a comment and let us know your favourite knitted piece, bon courage! x

Where do you work from?
I knit and make my pieces at my home in Surrey, England.
Where do you take your inspiration from?
Almost every item in my current collection is the product of numerous factors; my constant learning of new and interesting knit techniques, the discovery of beautiful and natural yarns, my love of the outdoors and ultimately my love of luxury, extravagance and opulence.
What are you wearing?
American Apparel navy jersey skirt, standard black tights, white tee and mustard cable-knit woollen cardigan that I inherited from my grandma.
Who are your favourite designers and etsy shops?
The list is endless, but the dream team is Acne, Commes des Garcon, Maison Martin Margiela, Burberry and Chanel. All of which are wildly beyond my budget, but you can't help who you love! As for fave Etsy spots, I love Julia Pott Illustration. She's a British artist with a great sense of humour and a lovely drawing style.
Please share a local tip from your town for those travel bugs among us!
Bring your wellies and go walking.
Please describe your typical working day?
Get up early, shower, make a special smoothie that my Danish friend told me about (it's got spinach in), check emails/orders, start knitting. When I knit I like to listen to BBC Radio 4, and I'm also trying to watch films that I've never seen before so I've signed up to one of those internet dvd mail order things. Usually don't finish until late, then I get into bed to watch some sort of rubbish on tv, and fall asleep.
Do you have any favourite blogs you would like to introduce us to?
If you don't read Post Secret, you should start to.


  1. GORGEOUS! these are the scarfs iv been dreaming about!! I LOVE THEM ALL BUT my favourite has to be THE HOODED SCARF IN CHARCOAL. very cool photoshoot too!!

  2. Lovely knitwear, soo cosy, would make you want winter could stay!

  3. Very inspiring! Knitting is not that easy and it takes long hours too. Brillant to be able to make a living out of it. Cool. Smiles, Virginie

  4. Wonderful to learn about you!!!

    Look forward to reading more!


    xoxo Summer



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