Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This week has been insanely hot, especially with this spontaneous new fringe of mine. The hairdresser insisted that curly Sues were not destined to have Sienna inspired fringes.... But I've always been stubborn! Oh well, 6 months later and I shall be able to see out of my eyes again! This weekend saw the temperate rise all the way up to 40 degrees, and I for one, am thankful our mini heat-wave has come to a sizzling end. Now I long to go somewhere with tall, swaying reeds, cool, green grass refreshing my bare feet and a cozy little cottage where an extra blanket is needed in the evenings as I sip hot chocolate. Think I have found the dream....
 Isn't it sweet? It is available to rent from Light Locations in the Isle of Wight... get in line ladies ;)

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