Friday, March 12, 2010

San Francisco Bound!

Oh I am so excited! I've just sold 2 paintings and have treated myself to return tickets to San Francisco with some of the new funds! I've never been before so am literally fluttering with butterflies at the thought of stepping off the plane into this infamous city! If any of you lovely readers have been, or even live there, please share some local knowledge with me :)


  1. Amazing!!! Please say you'll be there on the 2nd May??? xoxo

  2. gorgeous photos. Have so much fun! I loooove CA!

  3. I want that pink dress...where can I get it??

  4. Delighted for ya, may you sell many more sweets and come see me in korea!! Have fun in San Fran its a great place, if you want to do arkansaw its best to book in advance

  5. lucky guaps!!! so happy for you and all your success. hope you have a ball in San Fran, u deserve it!!!well done. loads of love xxx



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