Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wonder Wardrobe Wednesday Goes to the Mountains!

Away with the heels and out with the boarding boots! I spent the weekend in the Pyranees mountains knee high in fresh fluffy powder! The day before I left I was very kindly given a brand new snowboarding outfit (see apple green pants and electric blue Rip Curl jacket! I know, I am a very lucky lady!) This week's Wonder Wardrobe Wednesday feature is more sporty chick than street style chic, but I thought it might make a nice change :) What do you wear when you go on your ski hols?...


  1. warm socks, black snowboarding pants, and a light blue snow jacket!

  2. Lucky you having the snow on your doorstep. AND your gear is fab, jealous! Been on the hunt for the perfect pair of pink snowboarding pants, but ran out of time, off to Morzine on Sunday, eek! I love surf/snow-wear brands (Rip Curl, Barts, Roxy and Barton especially) but must say I'm pretty loyal to good aul Helly Hansen. Can't live without their thermals!

  3. Sheens! Lucky you... Morzine! Aparantly the snow is amazing there at the moment! Have a great time, In reccommend a visit to the Teddy Bears cafe near Linderets village and dinner in numero 10 in morzine village :) Have fun xx

  4. so jealous, i've never seen snow before :(
    i'd love to be a ski bunny hahah

  5. wow.. great outfit.. you must have been riding powder all weekend.. Did the boyfriend go riding with you?



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