Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Giveaway and Artist Interview with A Box For My Treasure!

Dandelion Daydreamer brings you all that is pretty and shiny this week! A Box For My Treasure is a treasure trove jewellery shop full of creamy pearls, vintage style trinkets, dangling birdies, dainty tea-cup charms and fluttering dragonflies. I was lucky enough to catch up with the designer behind the label, Judith, and gather us an insight into her creative world. Judith has kindly offered a necklace to the winner of this weeks giveaway! It runs until next Tuesday and all you need to do is pop a comment down below and tell us what your favourite piece is. The winner will recieve the gorgeous birdie necklace featured in the last picture... good luck! x

Where do you work from? 
I work from home (from my kitchen table!), which is located right by the sea in Dublin. Me, my laptop, my kitchen table and lots of boxes of supplies = A Box For My Treasure.
Where do you take your inspiration from?
I take inspiration from fashion, nature and vintage styles. I try to make a new piece of jewellery every day and spend a fair bit of time looking for new supplies and following fashion blogs (I'm utterly addicted to several) for inspiration and ideas.
What are you wearing?
Jewellery or clothes?
Jewellery - I regularly wear a couple of my own items: skinny vintage mesh bracelet and a layered necklace and I also have two bangles from Mimco (an Australian accessories shop) that I've had for a couple of years that I rotate on an almost daily basis.
Clothes - I'm a skinny jeans devotee (I'm fairly petite and reckon they are the perfect jeans style for little midgets like me - here's hoping they stay in fashion for a while more...) and wear them with everything from super high heels to my well worn converse and usually with a t-shirt that I'll dress up with jewellery (of course!).
  Who are you other favourite designers? Jewellery designers?
I love Alexander Wang as a clothes and bag designer and aspire to one day have a wardrobe full of his lovely gear (a girl can dream). Marc Jacobs is divine too and I adore the aforementioned Mimco for jewellery.
What are your favourite etsy shops?
There are sooo many, but I've narrowed it down to these:
DearGoldenVintage - seriously amazing vintage gear, 
Post - for decorated tights that I am willing myself to be daring enough to wear,
lamixx - for great basic tees, WhiteFly - for the most amazing and original jewellery I have ever seen: 
TrackandFieldDesigns - for gorgeous laptop bags made with vintage material
What is your favourite thing about being a creative person? And the worst? if there is one!
I'm fairly new to the creative world and I remember someone telling me once that the more creative you are the more creative you become, which really is true - I love waking up with new ideas every day.
How do you spend your weekends?
I spend my weekends catching up with family and friends. Working from home is pretty unsocial, so I'm always dying to go out for bottle of wine (or three) come Friday night. I also work some weekends selling my jewellery at markets (Dublin Flea and the Crafty Market).
  Please describe your typical working day?
- I get up at about 8.30am (I try very hard to get up earlier, but it never happens) and am usually online checking emails and orders by 9.00am.
- Once I've responded to any emails, I pack up any orders I may have received online overnight.
- I'll then renew/relist an item on Etsy and post an update on Twitter (still figuring it out).
- I'll then have a look through my supplies and work on creating some new items. This will usually take me up to lunchtime and I'll then go to the post office to send off the orders.
- In the afternoon I'll take photos of any new items I've made (the natural light in the afternoon seems to work better than morning light). I'll then spend some time resizing and adjusting the images until they're just right and when they are I'll list a new item.
- At each stage of the day (morning, afternoon and evening) I'll post a Twitter update and renew an item on Etsy.
- It's important to be responsive and present when you run an online shop, therefore my work day doesn't really have a particular end time, because I'm always online so that I'm available to respond to customer queries and orders.
Which famous person would you love to see wearing one of your creations?
Drew Barrymore (she was so amazing in Grey Gardens).


  1. i love all of judith's jewelry, but my two favorites have to be golden leaf and raindrops necklace and the giveaway birdie!!!

    what a great giveaway, love it!!


  2. Hi, my favourite is the Bouquet lariat necklace closely followed by the dragonfly necklace

    Hazel x

  3. Hi, I'm loving all of these pieces but my favourite would have to be the teacup necklace - gorgeous!

  4. I also love the teacup necklace. I'm just such a huge tea fan, so anything with tea rocks my socks. :D


  5. I love all the designs, but I must say my favorite ones are Love Is... earrings and Afternoon Tea necklace. All those tea pot and cups necklaces make me think of Alice in Wonderland!


  6. I love the golden tree of life necklace... so pretty!

  7. The little blue birds are my favourite I think!

  8. Love the golden leaf and the give away birdie necklace. Hopefully see Judith at the next flea market in Dublin - lovely stuff!

  9. Drum roll please.... I just pulled the lucky winner out and it is ....Marie! Marie can you please private mail me your address so I can tell Judith who her lovely necklace is going to. Sorcha(dot)gillett(at)gmail.com. Thanks for entering everyone, remember every Tuesday there is a new gift up for grabs :)



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