Monday, February 8, 2010

Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace

Poised and elegant, prim and proper, these belles of the ball do make me feel rather plain this morning! It's time to doll up (or put my face on as The Boyfriend says) and unleash the girly girl. I'll swathe myself in meters of whispering lace and swan about in bustling tulle skirts. On slip the ballerina pumps for the walk through blossom avenue to the daily market. I'll pass boutique after achingly beautiful boutique, and wander in and out as my heart desires. No fabulous girl is complete without a set (matching no less) of french lingerie, that's what I will tell myself as my credit card goes past the warm-up stage to full blown sprint catch me if you can stage. Oh well it's almost Valentines weekend so it can be The Boyfriends gift :) Speaking of Valentines, have you got anything nice planned? Pop by tomorrow to see what Wednesday's child gets up to....

picture via dailybitsofbeauty


  1. Lovely images, I do like a bit of ballerina chic. Love the third from last pic the pretty dressing table and the model with the giant necklace is fab! x

  2. these photos are gorgeous.

    ruffles and frill! love it.



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