Sunday, December 6, 2009

What to Buy for Your Man ( from lover to brother!)

Like me, are you tired of pulling your hair out over what to buy the men in your lives for Christmas? I don't know about you but when I go shopping for my dad and brother I pull a blank when it comes to finding a gift to fit the reciever. This year I am doing it all online from my cozy sofa. I hope some of these stocking fillers help you out of the socks and undies rut ;)

1. If he is a music lover give him a clock with his favourite record as the base, genius! Visit Pixel This for more inspiration.
2. Brighten up his dull corporate days with this prickly pair :) See Make It for more cuff-link charms.
3. Be it his date of birth, your anniversary, birth of your child, when he did his first him milestone it. Punky Jane will customise just about anything for you.
 4. Help him jazz up his office/ studio/ man space with some delicious art by Native Vermont.
5. For some men, yo-yos are like skateboards; they never get too old to play with them. Ben Floeter are your one stop for these nostalgic toys.
6. What man wouldn't like a home brew kit?! But then I suppose there's no more excuse to escape to the pub ;)
7. He'll like you even more if this stylish laptop case comes with the laptop :) Bryd And Belle will help his case everything from his i Pod to his coffee.
8. When you are pestering dad to come fix your car or change a plug, he'll think happy thoughts when he reaches for his keys! See Hattie Rex for more personalised trinkets.
9. Last but not least, you like a man in a shirt and a tie, he's more comfortable in a tee, compromise and get him a cosy and casual knitted tie by Dolly Knits.


  1. that customized calendar on #3 sounds perfect for the husband to remind him of our anniversary! not that he has ever forgotten but i'd like to make sure he won't. ^-^

  2. Great list for the man! I already got my boyfriend a North Face vest, but your #3 is hilariously perfect for him. He can't remember any date for the life of him.

  3. Good stuff! I 'll have the homebrew kit please! Thanks for lunch today, was yummy x

  4. He won't be getting a home brew kit as he drinks far to much anyway..hehe...he's getting the yoyo



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