Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gypsy Woman

Hours and hours of packing, stacking and scrubbing later and I have moved out of my apartment by the sea :( All is not lost however, we are moving into a bright and airy atelier style loft in January. I knew it was ours the minute I stepped inside under its beamy ceiling. Rented by the way, do not worry the property ladder is high in the sky away from this girl for the moment. Until January though, I am a gypsy. A free woman so to speak. All my friends have ever so sweetly offered to put me up for the month. Only problem is I am a girl who has "things", I came to France in one car, now a year later I have 4 cars worth of  "things". Roll on January when we have our new home sweet home. Now where did I put those tea-leaves...

Oh Helen! Can I have this please! Meet Helen Musselwhite, my new favourite artist :)

Kate Moss working the gypsy boho look! If it's good enough for her, then it works for me :)

The Boyfriend hates caravans and said he will leave me if (when!) I get my own Gypsy Wagon. But what if it comes with a puppy! I would love to have one down the end of the garden for summer drinks parties or a little studio pour moi :)

Aren't these nice! Visiting France, then stop off here on your journey.

How nice for lazy afternoon reading and dozy naps down the end of the garden. Visit Odessa Farm for a weekend getaway in Norfolk.

Now you can learn to disperse your own tasseography (tea reading in fancy words) fortunes :)


  1. Hey Sorcha Nick's family friends have a gypsey caravans, check it out avinsfarm.... where we may have our wedding reception!

  2. i think gypsy culture is pretty cool. maybe its in my blood haha. enjoy your month!

  3. i'm your 100th follower! happy blog milestone!

    thank you for your comment... you have a beautiful blog here! nice to meet you :)



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