Saturday, November 7, 2009

Book Love

I'd planned to pop down to Spain for a spot of shopping and tapas this afternoon but the windy storm has kept us housebound. Lucky for me I have a stack of books in reserve. Is there anything nicer than a stormy afternoon tucked inside with a good book, endless cups of tea and chocolate, a cozy blanket and a crackling fire. Not to mention the return of The Boyfriend and my foster puppy tucked up beside me keeping my tootsies warm :) I'm far too embarrassed to confess that I am nose deep in the Twilight saga books, so I won't! Although with another birthday just past I have to keep myself young somehow ;) Below are some favourite book inspired pictures and art....

This fairytale picture comes from Rebecca Miller Photography.

Not sure where I came across this, all I know is that I want it!

Chris Craymer's book, Romance, will keep you feeling nice and warm on the inside :)

A little bed tucked away in book heaven.

The perfect book storing solution, I'd never actually make it up the stairs though!

Read With Me print by Genevieve Jodouin, available in her Etsy shop to decorate your library corner.


  1. Great pictures, really like the large book as a blanket and the book of flowers!

  2. A bookshelf stair case.... my mind is boggled!



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