Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vintage Shopping in Dublin City

People continually ask me where I source my vintage treasures from. Dublin isn't as bountiful as her European sisters for vintage shopping but she does have a few hidden treasure chests buried in her streets... you just have to know where to dig. I will share my favourite shops and sellers with you below but if I come home to fruitless vintage shopping sprees I will not be happy!!

I love Quack and Dirk. Deirdre, the friendly girl with the big smile, knows her stuff and she has a party dress for every occassion. It is a little tucked out of the way but it is definitely worth the wander. The address is Rear Marino Mart, Fairview, Dublin 3. Below are pictures of some treasures from her store. Leave some for me!

There is one shop in Dublin that has an amazing power to lighten my pockets everytime I step through the door and that is Harlequin. Located at 13 Castle Market (mini street with yummy cafes and even tastier shops, between back entrance of Powerscourt Shopping Centre and back of Georges Street Arcade). Fiona and Susanna are the two lovely ladies in the know there, and if there's a piece you're looking for they will help you pull the shop apart to find it. Harlequin is a magpie's nest for vintage 70s maxi dresses,  60's prints, 50s full skirts, leather handbags and accessories, not to mention the boots, the jackets, the... oh just go yourself and enjoy!


Step outside Harlequin turn left, take the first left and you'll stumble across Jenny Vander (you are now on Drury Street). This vintage boutique has been open for more than 30 years. I like this shop for antique lace 1950's dresses,  art deco jewellery, beaded and sequined 1950's cardigans and elegant clutch handbags.

Across the road from Jenny Vander is The Georges Street Shopping Arcade. Wildchild are newly relocated here, on the left hand side as you walk in. This shop is usually good for 60s and 70s attire, hats and sunnies and also there is a large selection of vintage jackets, jeans and trainers for men.

If you have a fancy pants engagement to attend and want the vintage designer dress (without the vintage designer price tag), then head along to Covet. Located on the top floor of The Powerscourt Shopping Centre, this luxurious treasure trove of lacy lovelies may just have your vintage dream to rent for the evening... just be sure to make it home before midnight ;)

Charity shopping in Dublin can bit a bit hit and miss, but if you put the time in it makes the find of the day that bit more special. Oxfam, on South Great Georges street, have a section dedicated to "vintage" and it's an extra nice feeling giving money to charity. Back in my N.C.A.D days I used to do the Camden crawl, and cover all the charity shops from top of Camden Street to the bottom of Georges Street (There are about 6/7 on the way down so bring a strong bag!).  It is a long ole trek but you could always slip into Camden Street's Cake Cafe for a caffine and sugar energiser.

Flea Markets are new to Dublin, so take advantage of cheap prices and undiscovered treasures at the Dublin Flea Market at the end of each and every month. Located at the Co-op, Indoor Market, Newmarket in Dublin.

If all else fails you can slip your shoes off and let your fingers do the walking! Wonder Wardrobe is my online vintage shop which I was forced to create when I realised not all my dresses could come to France with me.

Cassie's Attic has some pretty vintage dresses, coats and boots.

Rachel Castillo's Etsy shop is heaving with beautiful vintage jewels and reconstructed antique pieces. This necklace is mine so hands off!

Lulu Finder's  online vintage shop has playsuits to die for, and if they're not your thing then just enjoy her dreamy photography!

And last but not least, Solanah's Etsy vintage store has an abundance of quirky vintage items, fresh styling inspiration and very palettable pricing.

That's it for this week's vintage shopping tips but stay tuned as there will many many more.  If I've missed a hidden gem in Dublin do let me know! Don't forget to click "follow" on the blog and some of I Love Cutie Pie jewellery featured below may be yours to win!


  1. What a gorgeous selection. How in the world do I get those blue platform shoes (second from top) and that beautiful black printed skirt. They are to die for. A million thanks. ~Raquel

  2. I love Quack+Dirk as well...their fashion show was amazing!

    Well done with the blog!

  3. And what wonderful blue shoes! I'm enjoying your shopping tips.

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by Design Undercover! Love your site! I had forgotten how much I used to love Jenny Vander while I lived in Dubs. Thanks for the memories! It's funny, I used to know several NCAD kids. What year did you finish???

    Best wishes,

  5. hey sorcha...thank you so much for your lovely post on my blog earlier - and the introduction to your gorgeous site...loved it even at a quick glance....need big glass of wine on a chilled out evening to have a good read through...loved this post though...thanks for the top tips! had a snoop through your site also...have fallen in love with lily & chica! lovely work. thanks for linking me too....i'll definitely pop you on my blog roll also! sharon

  6. Thanks for visiting Pinecone Camp!
    What fantastic vintage shops. If I lived there I'd be financially ruined! Love that blue dress and shoes. I don't think I could walk pretty, in those shoes, but I'd give it a go. I've just become another of your many followers....such a great blog.

  7. Oh, just what I need. Incentive to hop over the water and spend lots of money. Damn :)

    Love the blog x

  8. Hi again Sorcha! THanks so much for voting! :) I'll drop you an email one of these days, see if ya know the NCAD-ers. Also, would love to hear about your fashion illustrations as i am a fledgling designer (fingers crossed). It's clear you are crazy talented! Talk to you soon!


  9. Sorcha,

    Your blog is fabulous, as are your website and your Etsy shops! I so wish that I could take my long dreamed of trip to Ireland right now, because I would have the best time shopping in Dublin!

  10. Hi Sorcha,
    Was just told about your fabulous blog, I'm loving it! Thought I would let you in on the secret of Dirty Fabulous, a vintage boutique on Baggot St. It's amazing! Check out their website:www.dirtyfabulous.com. It's got hollywood glamour and all that sparkles, I know you would love it and Caroline and Kathy, the two sisters who run it are equally as fabulous and glamourous as the dress and jewellery that they stock! Hope all is well with you,
    (the year below in print...I meet you and saw all your beautiful work in the RDS a year back) X

  11. great post, I had never heard of the shop in fairview so I will definitely be paying a visit... dont worry though, Im not rich enough to buy it all and leave nothing behind for you!

  12. U have to check out gladys' vintage /antiques shop located in tullamore. Co. Offaly. Only an hour away from Dublin and a
    huge selection of vintage
    clothes and accessories also
    bridal wear. fabulous
    antique jewellery and furniture. Well worth a visit@-}--

    jewellery and furniture. We'll wo a visit

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