Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Textile Workshop Dublin

Fancy a fun weekend activity that will actually save your pennies? Then head along to the Textile Workshop Dublin's workshop this Saturday. There you will learn how to make your own printing stamps and pick up some innovative tips on how to print your own Christmas cards (sorry for saying the C word!), wrapping paper, decorating ribbons and gift tags. If all else fails, you will get to have a nice cup of tea with some like-minded people... wish I could come along and play :)


  1. Sounds like a really great day, with some really useful information to offer. Wish I could hop on over to Dublin for the weekend.

  2. This is lovely!!!
    I love handmade stuffs, I create soft toys (

    I wish I could visit Dublin in the future!

    Merci pour ton commentaire sur mon blog!

  3. I am horrible at anything artsy but that does sound lovely! I adore handmade stuff. :)


  4. Thanks for sharing this! There are more and more workshops in Dublin, it is great!



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