Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Well I am home sweet home from a rather amazing trip to New York. It was my first trip there in over 6 years and I had almost forgotten how much I love that city. New York is a fashionistas heaven, give me N.Y over Paris anyday! We stayed in the East Village and couldn't have chosen a better location. Surrounded by ambient bars, speciality restaurants, cupcake cafes and more vintage clothing stores than even I could visit.... I was in heaven! Sitting outside our next door cafe, sipping iced coffees and people watching as herds of beautiful creatures swished by en route to casting calls, fashion shows or their 9-5 day jobs which sustain their N.Y lifestyle until fate steps in. I was there to vintage shop and 4 heaving suitcases later it seems shop I did! The Village has tonnes of niche vintage boutiques, ranging from the prim and pristine attire of the 1950s to the free-spirit style of the 1970s. One stop over from The Village on the L line is Williamsburg, the first stop being Bedford, a portal to one of my favourite slices of the Big Apple. This suburbian town ticks along to a slower beat than her Manhattan sister. Here crafty boutiques, designer pop up shops, vintage warehouses, organic cafes and enchanting galleries manage to distract you from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan for as long as your wallet will allow! Back a week, and I have already began saving for my next trip, except next time around I may not click return ticket...

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