Monday, September 13, 2010


After a wonderful week back in Dublin I am home sweet home to sunny South France! I was back in Dublin for the beautiful wedding of my dear friends Stephen and Kate, and what a wedding it was! Apart from running late last minute into the WRONG wedding, the whole day was unforgettably perfect! The next morning The Boyfriend and I bundled our weary selves into the car and drove up to the West Coast of Donegal for a weekend of long beach walks, a crackling fire and comfort food. Now back in France I'm a little bit heavier but a whole lot happier having seen all my fabulous friends :) A lot of brides to be often ask me about sourcing vintage or vintage inspired wedding dresses. So here's a little shop with a whole lotta wow factor for you lucky ladies to daydream your way through!
All dresses available in Fairy Tale Wedding's shop.


  1. these are gorgeous. if i ever get hitched, its gona be vintage all the way! .x.

  2. The images are so cute! I love all the dresses!

  3. I had a vintage themed wedding and loved it. It was hard to choose just one dress from so many that I found!



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