Monday, September 20, 2010


Autumn is upon us and even thought the sun is still shining down on us here in France the trees have started to drop their pine needles, acorns are scattered all across the forest and the squirrels are working on over-drive! In Ireland the Summer season can be so rainy and miserable that summer trends don't get the look in they deserve, Autumn fashion is a lot better suited to the Irish Climate, i.e we might actually get to wear our new purchases once or twice! I'm away in New York for a weeks marathon of shopping and I have been a very good girl squirreling away my dollars for the trip. Although, some of my book-marked links make me wanna blow it all away into a poof of wool and lame!
Gold lame gets me every time, especially this number by Riordan Roche.
If only I had a heart dress by Alexandra Grecco.
Brown suede pumps by Laura Righi.
Loving this 1930s dress by Volenska Vintage. What a sweet wedding dress it would make!
When it's still too warm for scarf, seasonise your look with  a little neck crochet! I adore these pieces by A Common Thread.
The perfect trench can be  a nightmare to find but when it's the one you'll know! I wonder if Rover will make this for me in human size!

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