Sunday, August 15, 2010


For as long as I can remeber, I have yearned for a little caravan to refurbish and treat as a an extra room outside. The Boyfriend says I'll be dumped faster than I can say caravan if I follow this daydream through. Imagine how wonderful it would be for girly cupcake mornings, magical fairylit evening aperos before dinner inside, lazy afternoon naps with the then converted boyfriend. I loved the caravan queen below at first sight when I came across it in Oh Joy, as soon as I saw the cupcake bar I was head over heels and knew it had to be shared with you ladies :) Enjoy Cupcakes in California used their 1964 restored vintage Shasta airflyte trailer as design inspiration for their new cupcake store. Yum, time to get the baking bowl out! x


  1. Oh how fun! I would love to have a cupcake caravan! I think my husband would freak out too.

  2. What fun, the caravan is gorgeous:)

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