Tuesday, July 6, 2010


What a weekend! It was all work-related but I loved every single minute of it! I visited all vintage markets known to man on this side of France and then I continued on to an eldery madam's quaint country villa, where I proceeded to spend my next few months rent (oops!) on purchasing her entire vintage fashion collection. She had boxes and boxes of treasures for me to sift through. Madam used to be a Parisian fashion designer and had excellent taste! There was every possible French designer label in those boxes so expect to see some vintage Chanel, Longchamp and Hermes arriving in Dandelion Daydreamer Vintage soon. The highlight of my weekend however was my new photoshoot! I was blessed with 2 amazing French models who threw out pose after pose in the hot French soleil! Here's a sneak peek of les madmoiselles Alice and Ludivine....

                                                                  Peche Melba Dress
                                                                         Daisy Dress


  1. HI! I am new to your blog. I found your shop on Etsy and had to follow your blog also. Love it!

  2. I love that bright Peche dress!!! So fun:-)

  3. just found you...I love France,markets and vintage....so whats not to like about your blog?

  4. The new pics are fab...so French country chic....o I wish I was lounging beside that lake instead of organising other people's holidays :)

  5. beautiful dresses and a lovely new layout



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