Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My "favourites" folder in Etsy is radidly filling up. The below items are too sweet not to share! I love being able to buy directly from the artist and having that interaction with them. I hope you enjoy my picks...
 "Lavender Matryosa hangy thingy" by Beaky
Irish Love, screenprint by Placed.
Tiny Woodland Terranium by Woodland and Belle.
Owl Pillow by Out on a Limb.
Rocking Gil by Munieca


  1. I know my etsy folder is getting bigger and bigger too!!! Those shops are is great buying from the artist themselves. I am totally loving the lavender babushka dolls.Nice choices. Sinead

  2. Oh I havent had time to catch up on all the blogs I like to read and I have missed out on all your wonderful posts, things have been very busy so havent had time to post on other blogs. Thanks for sharing those lovely items from etsy, love the russian dolls and love your new blog background too :)

    All things nice...

  3. oh my - is gra liom Irish love : )



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