Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I'm shattered! I just had my 2 gorgeous sisters here for a week and there's not a lot we didn't do! I had spent the morning of their arrival 2 hours north of home, in Bordeaux, visiting some vintage markets for Dandelion Daydreamer Vintage. It was my first proper visit to Bordeaux and I am definitely trekking up there again soon. We had lunch sitting out in the old square. As I nibbled on my dejeuner my eyes hungrily skirted left and right, everywhere I looked there was a treat in store for my greedy eyes. Elegant French girls whizzed by, perched on the back of their boyfriends mopeds. Chanel ballerina pumps, teeny denim shorts and a snugly fitted blazer or floaty dresses and leather ankle wrap sandals seemed to be le look de jour.
Next it was a 2.5 hour drive back to Biarritz to collect my sisters. We explored the old town of Bayonne, popping in and out of plush boutiques, scentful chocolatiers, medieval churches and ambient cafes. We ate dinner in my favourite seafood restaurant by the river and planned our week ahead.
My sisters were keen to stock up on French antiques for their Irish abodes so I chauffered them to every brocante or vide grenier I knew of!
Lazy afternoons were spent lounging on the beach and by night we ate our way through town or ventured to Biarritz for the Casetas festival. It is an annual food and music festival which rocks away on the beach. With happy tums full of oysters and Paella we ambled back to the car, naturally swinging by the glacier en route!
My sister Sinead has just started her own blog, it's full of useful travel tips and holiday suggestions, you can check out The Top Tips for Trips Blog here. Thanks for coming to visit me girls! - x -
All photography is my own.


  1. We'll be back again :) My visit has inspired a French Week on my Blog!



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