Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dressing for Evening Aperitifs in Paris!

Chic Checks
Do you ever get bored of your clothes? The Boyfriend; "How do you have nothing to wear, you have three wardrobes of clothes." He's cute but oh so clueless sometimes! It's moments like this that retail therapy is called for. Allow me to introduce you to Polyvore, you can literally mix and match all your items prior to purchase... and that way a week down the line a lost receipt won't have you in tears :) I created this outfit for when The Boyfriend surprises me with a trip to Paris. We'll sip aperitifs in the setting evening sun, my stacked bangles jingling and jangling with every sip. I'll continually stretch my tootsies out under the new shoes are just that sweet :) We'll take you with us if you like, but you'll have to show me what you'll be wearing...


  1. that dress is stunning! if i had money and somehere to go, i would definately wear that! lovely choices!

  2. That's a fine outfit for Paris - straight out of a gala musical.

  3. Hey I had a go - it's really fun! Thanks for letting us know about this!


    Paris :)



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