Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dressing for the French Market!

Bonjour cheries! The sun is out and I am popping out to the morning market. These French markets are quite a chic affair, it's mostly all air-kissing, mini-dog walking and a bustling congregation of elegantly waify French women pretending they will actually consume the food they have artfully arranged in their wicker baskets! As you can see below, my little basket is ready to go! Bon weekend tout le monde! x
Just Another Saturday At The Parisian Market


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  2. Goodness what a lovely outfit! I'm in Paris for a day next week, and I just bough a floral pleated... oh it's all coming together just perfectly!
    I hope you bought some lovely, tasty things! :) x

  3. lovely, just need the french market !!!
    hope you have a lovely weekend

  4. love this beautiful color story! Happy weekend



  5. Adorable choice! I can just see you now, air kissing and scoring bargains!

  6. LOVE this outfit...every single piece of it! Guaranteed you made some heads turn with this sassy number!



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