Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Artist Interview With Caitlin Shearer

Long have I been a fan of Caitlin Shearer's work, who would have thought one day I'd be interviewing her on Dandelion Daydreamer :) Describing herself as a cross between Shirley Temple and Anne Frank, I can't help but feel her painted ladies wouldn't be out of place in that category. Waifishly elegant yet awkwardly beautiful, Caitlin's ladies endorse the alternative beauties of the world. I like them all too much to have a preferential, maybe you could choose it for me?! One lucky reader will win a selection of prints by Caitlin, simply leave a comment below and let us know your favourite. The competition runs until next Tuesday and the winner will be chosen at random...Bon courage lovelies! x
Where do you work from?
My desk in my bedroom by the ocean. (australia!)
Please describe your typical working day?
Waking up early and checking emails, followed by a day of drawing/painting/going to the post office/packing prints/taking photos/re-checking my inbox. then reading, maybe watching tv, painting some more, then bed!
 Where do you take your inspiration from?
David Lynch, Pin up girls, vintage fashion, 1940's films, old hollywood glamour, teenage-hood, the occult.

What mediums do you use?
Watercolour paint, inks, glitter, paper, lead pencil.
What are you wearing?
Navy tie dye tights and a black dress.
Who are you other favourite illustrators?
Enoch bolles, coby whitmore, david downton, laura laine, amy earles, lily piri.

What are your favourite etsy shops?

What is your favourite thing about being a creative person? And the worst? if there is one!
The best thing is being able to manifest your thoughts, whether they be torturous or sublime, and turn them into tangible pieces of art. The worst is having creative blocks, or coming up against people who see the world at such a polar opposite angle, and not knowing how to deal with that.
How do you spend your weekends?
Drawing, watching movies, having parties with friends, drinking cider, dancing, sleeping in.
Do you have any favourite blogs?


  1. This is maybe the hardest choice ever...They are all so lovely!

    I think if I could only choose one it would be Sunday Serpent. I am a huge huge fan of Caitlin's work! Great to hear about he behind the scenes.

    ♥ Tiffany Patterson
    cursewordsandbirds [at]gmail

  2. Hey sorcs pet!!! I love them all...too difficult to choose...You have inspired me guapa XXX

  3. Caitlin's work is beautiful. It is really tough to choose. I'll say my favorite is secrets.

  4. Beautiful work... Think little knickers would be my choice but they're all fabulous

  5. soooo pretty! the girl playing with the hem of her dress is my favourite!

  6. Wow, you find all the coolest stuff. So pleased Luke sent me the link. Gotta be the girl playing with the hem of her dress, very closely followed by green tights!

  7. Well done to Tiffany who has just won the print giveaway, Tiffany please private mail me your full name and address to sorcha.gillett(at)gmail.com

    Thanks for entering everyone and better luck next Week :)

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