Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Artist Interview and ORIGINAL art giveaway with Pretty Little Thieves

Since Posting some of Pretty Little Thieve's work last week I couldn't stop thinking about her adorable illustrations. I wanted to know more about the talented Nancy, and as luck would have it here she is today with an exclusive interview for Dandelion Daydreamer :) I love her quirky use of line and and punchy flashes of rainbow colours. What I love most about Nancy's shop is that we can all buy an original illustration for a snippet, as well as this she also sells her work as pocket-friendly prints. Nancy has very kindly offered the lucky giveaway winner not one but two prizes! The first is the original illustration "Anymore" (first picture below), which she has created especially for the giveaway! And the second prize is a choice of a print from this section of her shop. All you have to do is leave a comment and let us know your favourite illustration, winner will be chosen at random and competition runs until next Tuesday. Bon chance tout le monde :)
Where do you live and where do you work from?
Los Angeles, California. I carry drawing pens and sketchbooks with me wherever I go.
Please describe your typical working day?
coffee, lots of tea, answering emails, blog posting and reading, researching, drawing, painting or cutting and pasting, a walk around the neighborhood.
Where do you take your inspiration from?
music, relationships, heartache, nature
What mediums do you use?
watercolor, acrylic, graphite, ink, cut found paper
What are you wearing?
to work in-jeans, toms, vintage t-shirt, wolf head necklace
Who are you other favourite artists/illustrators?
this list is quite extensive but here are a few:
Julie Mehretu
Kara Walker
Margaret Kilgallen
Laura Owens
What are your favourite etsy shops?
How do you spend your weekends?
some combination of the following:
art shows, museums, flea markets, eating out, drawing, painting, wandering around town, book shop perusing, thrifting, taking random photographs, hanging out with friends and family
Do you have any favourite blogs?


  1. ooooo I love Nancy and her work so much! I've got one of her prints and two of her originals (from her "Drawing for a Cure" effort), and they're some of my favorite pieces on my print wall...and to pick a favorite is so difficult! out of her print section in her shop, I think my favorite right now is "out on my limbs"

  2. #1 Best giveaway ever!

    Choosing a favorite is hard!...Prints, I'd have to say 'the community'. (such lovely ladies)

    I have a tiny little original too, and would love it to have a friend!

    ♥ Tiffany Patterson
    cursewordsandbirds [at] gmail

  3. I lovelovelove Nancy's work- I too have one of her drawings and it hangs proudly on my wall. Rain keepers is super fantastic... Thanks for the lovely giveaway :D

  4. I love the bear, want to give him a hug and hang him on my wall for inspiration. Great giveaway-original drawing amazing!

  5. I love Nancy's shop. I came here from going to Nancy's shop, then her blog and finally from her link to you. I posted her illustration, "the rain and my heart" on our blog today but I think my favourite piece is "the community". I have a feeling this girl's work is going to be huge.

  6. My favorite is I get dizzy!

    Love it!

  7. i so adore every single print in that section. seriously, it would depend on my mood which was my all-time favorite. but right now, i'd say "when i'm not sure."

    i love nancy's artwork! thank you for sharing and having this giveaway. i am so happy to have found your blog:) best wishes, xoxo, juliette juliettecrane.etsy.com

  8. This is my first time on this blog and i'm so glad i have the chance to find out about it.

    I really like When I'm Not Sure.


  9. i've loved her work for a while and i'm so excited to have this chance to win!! :) in keeping is my absolute favorite, but i also love in order and the way!


  10. Nancy's work is amazing. I have a couple of her originals and I just love them. It was hard to choose but my favorite illustration is 'in keeping'.

  11. i love 'in order'. very beautiful!

    love nancy's work!


  12. I'm a big fan of Nancy's work!

    My favorite original may be "the things we share" (it is very very hard to pick just one!!):

    ... and my favorite print:

    Hope to be lucky!


  13. great interview! my favorite work is irreverent baby jailbird edition! thanks for the giveaway!

  14. they're all gorgeous!!! I love the illustration 'in keeping' :)

  15. i'm a big fan of nancy's work + she is super lovely!

    my fav. print:

    tho it's tough to choose one :)

  16. I really love the lines and the color of "Waiting for the Rain." Actually, when I move into my new apartment, I want to paint the walls that color... there are enough windows, I think it would be bright enough! And it would be the perfect home for "Anymore," no lie.

  17. Thanks for all your entries ladies! I will be choosing a winner at random this evening :) In the meantime feel free to enter this weeks competition! Keep those fingers crossed x

  18. oh I love her. My favourite one is these girls, love the pink

  19. Hi everyone! I have finally gotten down to choosing a winner! I randomly chose gretchenmist, so this lucky lucky lady will be winning that incredible illustration and print by Pretty Little Thieves. Don't forget to try your luck every Tuesday for the weeks giveaway! bon weekend x



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