Sunday, February 21, 2010

Unleash Your Hippy Chic This Summer

I've been reminiscing through old photos and keepsakes from a summer spent road-tripping around Spain with my nearest and dearest best friend, Sarah. What a time we had! No sooner had we parted the shores of the emerald isle, did we get into the swing of things. The sun beamed all day everyday, gone were the pale city girls and in their place were two sun-kissed free spirits. Home was a tee-pee tent, pitched by beachy shores or piney forest trails. Shoes became optional while layers of printed silks and sun-dyed bikinis became habitual. With shells shimmering at our throats and beaded wraps decorating our surf styled hair we gave in to our inner hippy chick. It was a summer of love, a summer of hopes and dreams, it was a summer better than any other...

Photos: top 3 from American Vogue, ffffound.

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