Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Converted Double Decker Bus Makes A Great French Eatery

I had the most inspiring lunch this week, I ate upstairs in a cozy corner of an retired English double decker bus, which has wittingly been converted into an ambient cafe! Wonderbus Cookin has been so meticulously made-over, that you could almost live on it! The interior colour scheme was kept fresh and simple with a punchy raspberry pink being the focal splash of colour here and there. The tasty menu comes as gleefully presented as the bus, soups and deserts are served in old fashioned glass jars (the kind your granny might have kept flour in). Cafe au laits come served on bronze gilded chunky mugs with a little strawberry bon bon perched on the saucer. The bus is available for private parties and catering events, you can see more details here. Do you have any unique eateries you would like to share with us? Speaking of food, it's lunch time! Bon apetit tout le monde!




  1. The Big Blue Bus is the irish eqivalent, it's a familiar face at Electric Picnic and hangs out at the Bernard Shaw at the weekends.... always makes me smile!

  2. love this. have eaten on many a converted double decker bus when working on films (where they dish you up dirt!) but nothing this fancy!



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