Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Giveaway and Artist Interview with Leigh Viner!

What a treat! Dandelion Daydreamer is putting me in touch with all my favourite artists and I am loving the insight into their creative worlds. I am a huge fan of Leigh Viner. I saw her "Push" painting a couple of years back and have subsequently been a gushing admirer of her work ever since. Leigh's illustrations evoke a sense of sensual feminity, they sweep you into a world of tender fleeting moments where contemporaory fine art meets fabulous fashion illustration. I love the brave brush strokes, the melange of mediums - light and airy pencil meets dark broody acrylic and they hit it off! Most of all I favour the forgotten watercolour droplets carving their own paths on the canvas. As usual Tuesday holds a treat in store for one lucky reader... Leigh has kindly offered a standard sized print to the winner of the giveaway. Simply leave a comment below and let us know your favourite print, you can visit her shop here. the competition runs until Tuesday the 2nd of February and the winner will be chosen at random. Good luck to you my lovelies x

Where do you work from?

I work from home and at times on location/studio depending on the project I am working on. (Leigh lives in Denver).

Where do you take your inspiration from? 
Vastly inspiration can come from a million resources each week. I am definitely inspired mostly by fashion, but a song, a phrase from a book, a scene from a movie or looking at photography can inspire me. I keep a journal with me at all times as I never know what may spark my inspiration so I make sure to take note.

What mediums do you work in? 
 I mostly work with watercolor and acrylics for my paintings, but for my illustrations it is with pen and digital along with watercolor. 

Then with my photography, I use a Nikon D50 and 90. And this year I hope to get back into some TTV photography as well. 

I see you are also a make-up artist , all that colour and heavy application much inspire your painting nicely? (I'm thinking of 'Push', my favorite print)

Thank you, it is one of my favorites as well and was inspired by another artists technique from a fashion spread I saw. It was one of those first pieces that I let go with and stepped outside the box so to speak while creating. I am also heavily influenced by my Makeup artistry as well, working with the models I am able to really understand shading and color along with the shape of the face, but it goes as well working with them from the canvas, not being afraid to play with the makeup as well. 

  "Lanvin 2 SS/10"

What are you wearing?
My favorites at the moment are some separates from Free people, but along with some quality investment pieces I try to mix it up with a lot from Forever 21 etc. 

 "Lanvin 01"

Who are you other favorite illustrators?
 I have so many that I adore,  I could go on forever lol, but to name a few, David Downtown, Bec Winnel, Kelly Smith, Danny Roberts, Garance Dore, Cedric Rivrain, Alison Fox and Sandra Suy.. 

 "Silence and Noise"
What are your favourite etsy shops?

I just love Etsy not only because it has been great place to sell, but everyday I discover a favorite. The list from above most have an Etsy shop and a few jewelry choices would be, http://www.etsy.com/shop/SeaUnicorn and http://www.etsy.com/shop/jessyq (postcards and Love) but I have over 260 pages of favs in my shop which continues to grow. 

"Cherry Blossom Girl"
How do you spend your weekends?

Working LOL... well I try to actually meet up with friends when I can and also schedule some fun time with my daughter, a movie, going to the park. I also love to catch up on my reading and watching movies and also plan my inspirations for the week ahead. 

Please describe your typical working day? 
My typical day is my is first and foremost getting my daughter off to school, then once I get home, I tackle my correspondences and shipping of orders. I then usually have a few hours to either network, create or work on commissioned work. Once I pick her up I play and do homework with her and not pick up my work until after she goes to bed. Which I then continue at times until midnight.  

"I'm Afraid I Can't Help It"


  1. I just love, love love the Cherry Blossom Girl print. It's gorgeous and richly pigmented. Would love that if I won.


  2. My favorite print is Twilight Blue. So soft and pretty!

  3. OMG I love Leigh!!! Lanvin 01 is my fav...it's so hard to pick. Awesome interview!!!

  4. Great interview, I am a fan of Leigh's work, she has a real feel for the face. I think Atmosphere is my favourite! SO much energy.

  5. Great Blog DD i simply adore the insight into the creative mindset. Keep up the great job and keep smiling x
    ps if one of these beauties found their way on to my wall i'd be a seriously happy chap

  6. I love the cherry blossom girl print and have plenty of blank walls to fill.....

  7. Such beautiful illustrations. "Lanvin 2 SS/10" is so powerful, there's something deeply unsettling and yet elegant about it. It's a really subjective piece.

  8. Leigh Viner! I love that she got featured in f21's first magazine. My favorite is "FaceHunter series 13".


  9. push is my fav. and i think her etsy store is amazing!!!

  10. Wow Lil Dreamer i have just been sent into a coma looking at these beautiful paintings. They are so distracting..the eyes capture you instantly! Another beautiful blog my dandelion.
    Atmosphere takes me to fashion couture..love it!!

  11. hi,
    gorgeous work. .... and feb 02 is groundhog day in canada... a lucky day. i love "silence and noise" and "atmosphere"
    ... good interview too

  12. beautiful artworks and photographs!
    i love FaceHunter series 13, because she's dark-haired like me. ^-^

  13. That eiffel tower print is so gorgeous. LOVE IT. Her work is amazing.

    Awesome interview!

  14. these paintings are inspirational, would look amazing on a wall! I've gotta say 'push' is my favourite and 'cricket' is a close second! beautiful work

  15. i'm one of your newest followers, and i love these paintings! eiffel blush and cherry blossom girl are my favorites!

  16. 'Atmosphere'! I love the movement! As an aspiring painter these paintings open doors in my head. Hua!


  17. Thanks for the introduction to yet another beautiful artiste.. I love so many of these prints and can see future transactions with this etsy seller. The blog is as always magical and inspiring keep up the fantastic work and i look forward to new work from you..
    if i had to pick one it'd be SP08N or perhaps Perceive

  18. Thank you all xoxox Makes my day to see these comments :) Good Luck!!

  19. "Cricket" is my fav one, very girlie and cute so my style!Leigh Viner is very inspirational to me!:)

  20. I am a huge fan of Leigh's art and her blog! Very talented woman.

    One of my favorites is "Atmosphere"

  21. Wow! 20 comments! The most to date on an interview! I will be picking the winner this evening and will notify the lucky winner then, keep those fingers crossed :)

  22. Drum Roll please... The winner of Leigh's lovely work is Meredith! Meredith please mail me your address and print of choice to sorcha.gillett(at)gmail(dot)com. Have to say I am a little jealous! To all you other lovely participants, check back in every Tuesday for a future chance of winning a goodie :)

  23. wooooo hooo!!!!! i just emailed, ma'am!



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