Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Down from the Mountains but Back on the Beach :)

I'm back! Gone are the days spent cruising on my board and back are days at the bureau! What a holiday, when I wasn't coasting through fresh, fluffy powder I was eating to my little heart's delight in cozy mountain lodges and chocolate cafes. There is nothing quite like sitting on the first chair up the mountain and watching the town below begin to light up the indigo dawning of the day. Especially as first chair means first tracks are mine! Now I am back in the South, back at the desk, back to reality! Memories of mistletoe kisses, hot chocolates warming up mittened hands, candle-lit apres-ski baths and long days racing around the hill get me through the days for now. Those memories and our amazing new apartment! The Boyfriend and I spent the last week hiking up stairs and unpacking box after box ( "Yes, I do wear all these shoes darling"). We have rented an unfurnished loft in the forest by the beach for a year and now a week later it is almost home sweet home. We did the Ikea marathon to Bordeaux for basics and then we trawled though numerous vintage markets to give the place our own personal touch. Pictures coming soon I promise, but I think you will be impressed ;) Please excuse my abscence the last few weeks now I am unpacked Dandelion Daydreamer is back on track, thank you all for all your comments during the last week xox



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