Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Giveaway and Artist Interview with Alice B Gardens

As promised, here is the awaited interview and print giveaway with Alice B Gardens. If you love her prints as much as I do then click follow on the blog or bookmark the blog and pop a comment down below and let us know your favourite. The romantic purple roses are mine though so please don't take them from me ;) Winner may choose a set of postcards AND a 5 x 5 print...lucky you!

Where do you take your inspiration from?
My Alice B. Gardens shop was inspired by my love of vintage shopping and my grandmothers house and garden. My other work at ellemoss.etsy.com, mostly self portraiture, gets inspiration from old movies and photography, colour and dreams, and is more conceptual.

What do you photograph with?
A Nikon D90. My most used lenses are the kit lens and my nikor 50mm f1.4.
I also use my Polaroid 600 and a vintage Polaroid Land Camera.

Do you always carry a camera?

Who are your other favorite photographers?
Right now I am enamored with Neil Krug and
Holly Andres. Of course, I also love the work of Cindy Sherman.

I see you are in the female photographer group on Etsy, lots of nice shopping to be had?
I started "Female Photographers of Etsy" this year and it has really taken off. We have over 120 members now and are quite active on Etsy and Flickr and we are in the midst of making a book!
They are all such amazing women! Here are a few members: Kristy Bee, Yvette Inufio, Lolas Room, Gabrielle Kai, Valerie H, Amelie Poulain, Meganzii.

What decade would you most like to be young and free in?
The early 60's would be amazing...very Mad Men and then the Beatles, of course.

What are you wearing?
Skinny black cords and a white tshirt. Im barefoot, but will be slipping on my black ballet slippers and a black peacoat when i go out :-)

If you could photograph one celebrity dead or alive, who would it be?
I wanna say Ewan Mcgregor, but okay, Ill say Marilyn Monroe. No one was more photogenic.


  1. these are so delicate and pretty ! ~ laura

  2. The carousel one is just delightful!!

  3. Im putting one of these on my christmas list...cant pick one because they are all so gorgeous!

  4. I love, love, love the stacked teacups. So delicate, but colourful. Gorgeous!

  5. I love these photographs! I like the big coral coloured flower the most..but they are all amazing. Beautiful post as ever Sorcha!

  6. I just love the use of colour in these photographs!

  7. Great interview! I love her work!

  8. so so hard, as they are all so dreamy! but if i must pick, i will say the one with the tea cups.
    great work
    thanks for sharing

  9. absolutely beautiful prints...i know my girlfriend would adore them.great blog work dandellion!



  10. Thank you everybody for entering! Ben... your lucky girlfriend has won a print, I hope she enjoys it. Please drop me an email and let me know where you are at in the world and which print she likes.

    Everyone else, don't forget to stop by on Tuesdays for the weekly giveaway..like this week :)



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