Sunday, November 15, 2009

Minty Fresh...

This weekend entailed not one, but two, antique markets (a chest of antique drawers, a vintage scarf to frame, and an ostrich leather skinny belt all for moi). We also went on a little road trip to Bayonne last night to see a real live french nightingale sing. Her voice was breathtaking and I will be posting a link to her site shortly. I'm not sure if it is just a designer thing but I always notice the frequency of colours, especially if I am currently working with them. This weekend minty green was everywhere... see for yourself! x

Antique tea cups at Saturday's antique market.

I think I fell in love with Mr.Polar Bear, unfortunately my bank balance wasn't as enthralled!

Ten green bottles hanging on the wall...

The Boyfriend only likes plain white plates, either I paint them or gouge his pretty little eyes out! Anyway who even notices the plates when they are paled in the shadow of that dreamy dresser!

We find out tomorrow if we get our dreamy loft apartment in the woods... either way I hope our new landlord is a fan of wallpaper!

Now all I need is the baby to go in it ;) Blush Noisette in Bayonne is possibly my favourite shop. It is like a French Avoca, but with elegant french clothes to die for.

Oh la la! I couldn't think of a cuter dress to fetch the morning croissants in! If you are nice Chloe Hope may even sell it to you.

I couln't afford the antique bird cages at the market so this beautiful print will have to quiet my longing heart. Kerry Lemon simply has too many gorgeous prints to choose from.

Shopping didn't stop at the markets, I have bookmarked this leather lovely by Jenny Bags for when the card recovers ;)

Couldn't have said it better myself! Dazey Chic's Etsy shop is one I can not afford to spend time in at the moment!

Just like my day out on the bikes today :) Many more nostalgic moments frozen in time by Alice B. Gardens to be seen here.


  1. hey sorcha, it's greta! i've been meaning to leave a comment for a while now, just wanted to let you know that i love the blog! your prints, everything! been checking in religiously to see what you've put up, and have to say it's a lovely little part of my day! hope all is well with you- xx greta

  2. Those green bottles are so simple, but so essential! I need to have them. I also love the first teacup and saucer. I just love mint green.

  3. I love that birdcage print! Just beautiful :)



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